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ADHD…. an unhelpful acronym

‘Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder’ sounds like word-soup and to anyone who has ADHD or loves someone with ADHD, it doesn’t make sense.  ADHD isn’t a lack of attention, it’s having plenty of it, but amongst other things, it’s a difficulty being able to focus on the thing that needs attention now.  Your ADHD may make you impulsive or disinhibited, it can also increase the ability to feel – so that emotions can get big very quickly.

Having ADHD can impact things at school, studying at college or uni, managing life admin, work, friendships, romantic relationships and parenting.  Sometimes this can be a really positive impact (ADHD brings many advantages) but it may also hold you back;  maybe you overshare,  speak what you were just thinking (which may have nothing to do with the conversation), start things but not finish them, struggle to keep up with small talk or fail to do things that are boring but important.

If you, or someone you love thinks they may have ADHD, or you have just been diagnosed and are wondering what to do next, get in touch.

Katie really gets ADHD – like, she really gets it!  I feel really understood by her when I have spent my life feeling misunderstood (and I’m 48!).

I have felt different and slightly confused for so long.  It’s been a relief to be able to be myself with her. 

AS, Herts

Support for adults living with ADHD

Understand and accept yourself better so that you can get on with your life in the way you want.

I can help you to understand how your brain works and coach you so that you can change the things you can and accept the things you can’t, so you get on with your life in the way you want.  It doesn’t matter if you are waiting for a diagnosis, thinking about getting one, or already know you have ADHD.  I’ll meet you wherever you are on your ADHD rollercoaster and we’ll go from there.

  • I can help you understand ADHD (whichever subtype you have – hyperactive, inattentive or combined) and importantly your version of it as no two are the same.
  • I can provide a confidential space for you to think through how ADHD has affected you in the past.
  • I can coach you to develop skills to manage your ADHD now and in the future.
Why not give me a call to talk about how ADHD affects you or someone you care about?

Having been instrumental in identifying I may have ADHD, Katie has supported me fully through my diagnosis journey.  Katie’s ADHD coaching has provided ongoing support and kindness mixed with humour, a great listening ear and also honest feedback.  My ADHD coaching has been helpful in helping me manage my ‘ADHD Superpowers’ which I have been able to see not as a deficit but something that is a feature of myself which brings with it challenges but also great rewards.

Katie has supported me to work to my strengths and be supported to manage those areas we have identified that I find more challenging.  Katie has used the feedback I have given her on the challenges I face to design bespoke resources such as planner and targets sheets to help me improve organisational skills and task management.

Head of School, N.E London

Support for parents of a child who has ADHD

It’s really hard to find support to help you parent when your son or daughter  behaves differently to others.  Parenting the ‘traditional way’ when your child or teen has ADHD may work sometimes, but you may also have found it often doesn’t work at all.  You may have been told (or thought) you are bad parents – you aren’t.  You may have been given plenty of advice that works for other people’s children – which doesn’t work for yours.  You’ve probably been told at some point that ADHD is an excuse or a fad.  It’s neither.

It can be exhausting and lonely to manage without professional help.

People with ADHD often experience gut problems and Sensory processing difficulties.  (Extreme reactions to light, sound, temperature and taste can affect normal family activities like eating out, car journeys, shopping trips).  This can affect the whole family.

  • I can help you understand ADHD (whichever subtype affects your child – hyperactive, inattentive or combined) and importantly your child’s version of it – as no two are the same.
  • I can provide a confidential space for you to think through how ADHD has affected your parenting style and your family.
  • I can coach you to develop a new way of thinking and behaving with your son or daughter so that you are all calmer and more connected.

I can work with you and your son/daughter’s school to ensure they get meaningful accommodations and mediate if relationships are strained.

I bring my own experiences of parenting a child with ADHD and I use research based approaches like NVR, SPACE and CPS, which you can read about here.


I understand ADHD and how it affects parenting and family life.  I can help and support you with your unique challenges and worries.  Why not give me a call?

Additional Funding

If you have been formally diagnosed with ADHD and you are employed, you may be able to get financial help to pay for coaching through the government Access to Work scheme.  You can see if you are eligible and apply here 

Additional Funding for Students

If you are a student over 18 and have been formally diagnosed with ADHD, you can apply for funding (to pay for coaching and other learning support) through the Disabled Students Allowance here. 

Fees for ADHD Support

I offer a free 20-minute no obligation phone conversation to hear your situation and decide whether I am best placed to help.  Get in touch.  What have you got to lose? All further sessions last approximately 50 minutes

Assessment session

60 minutes – £75.        90 minutes – £100

We meet in person or on Zoom so I can understand how ADHD is affecting you and you can let me know where you are on your ADHD journey and what you would like help with.

If you want help for your parenting – this will be a 90 minute session.

Further Sessions

 50 minutes – £60

I coach adults and teens with ADHD.  I can help with understanding how aspects of ADHD are affecting you and provide practical and emotional support.  

I am not a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist so I cannot make an ADHD diagnosis or prescribe medication. 

Support & Resources

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