Academic Coaching, mental health support and Therapy

Young People

Very few people manage to get through the teen years without periods of difficulty.  Feelings of sadness, low mood, anger and confusion can hijack you and it’s sometimes really hard to find a way through. 

The stress of school work, revision and exams can be hard to manage at times.  More young people are experiencing anxiety which is difficult to manage.  Social media presents unrealistic expectations with no time to work out what’s real and what’s not.  Learning to manage boundaries with tech is a constant challenge for us all, but for tech-connected young people, particularly so. 

Many young people experience loss for the first time in their teens – the death of a grandparent or relative, the end of a friendship, a breakup with a girl/boyfriend.  New experiences with powerful emotions can be quite overwhelming.  Sometimes there’s an obvious reason why you feel down,  but when you’re young, sometimes you just don’t know.  

Call for an informal (free) chat to see if I can help.


Coaching for older children and teens

Help with motivation and organisation with academic work – or life in general

Some people sail through school with no problem getting motivated, organising their week, prioritising tasks and meeting deadlines – and then there’s the rest of us.  Most muddle along well enough but for some young people, keeping on track at school, college or university feels completely out of reach.  

I can coach you so you become familiar with approaches that work for you to manage your time more usefully and get things done.  I can meet with you on a regular basis so that you can work out what needs to be done and know someone will support you in meeting your goals.

If you have Dyslexia, ADHD or Autism (whether you’ve been diagnosed or you’re still waiting), you might find organising your time more difficult than others.  Hyper-focusing on one thing and not leaving enough time for everything else?   Losing track of time,  all the time?  Bad sleep habits or tiredness  stopping you achieve what you wanted?  Literally addicted to your screen or console so you can’t make time for other things? Coaching can help you get the best out of your education and help you manage other aspects of your life too.



How it works

In the first session we talk about what’s going on now,  we work out a clear picture of what you want to be different and then plan to make to make change.  We meet regularly to help you keep on track and talk about times when you might not have stuck to the plan.  We might talk about your academic goals and school work in general, relationships, family problems, low mood, overwhelming feelings.   Sometimes things come up that are personal or difficult for you to talk about, which is also okay.

Counselling for teens and younger adults

Listening without judgment or criticism

Sometimes, it’s good to have someone to speak to who won’t judge you or criticise, who enables you to see things differently.  Maybe you need help to get on better at school or at home, or make sense out of something that’s complicated or confusing.
  • Low mood
  • Lack of motivation
  • Friendship difficulties
  • Anger
  • Drug or alocohol use getting out of control
  • Self harm
  • Coping with divorce or separation
  • School anxieties

Or maybe you just don’t know?

What’s up?  

Going through the teen years can sometimes be rubbish, but it doesn’t have to be terrible all the time.  It’s good to have someone to speak to who’s nothing to do with your family, who won’t judge you or criticise, who helps you get on better at school or at home, or make sense out of something that’s really painful or complicated. 

I can also help you talk through a particular problem or sadness. I have had many of  these conversations with lots of different young people but every person’s situation is unique. 

“I felt quite lost and couldn’t find a way back.  A few things had gone wrong with my friendships and then I couldn’t get motivated at school, which hadn’t been a problem before.  I had some coaching sessions and over a few months, I found that the regular goals we set in the sessions (mostly) I managed.  I also hadn’t realised how I had been affected by my Gran dying a year ago and it was nice to talk about some of how I was still feeling sad about that and that lots of people take a long time to stop feeling sad, which is okay.’

Zara, Year 12 pupil. Herts.

How it works

You or your parent can contact me for a free 20 minute conversation. We work out whether I am the best person to help.  We arrange to meet online or possibly in person and we go from there. Our sessions are confidential except under particular circumstances, which I explain from the start.  I am also able to meet with you and your parents if there is a difficulty in the family you want help to think through.

Fees for Young People

 I offer a free 20-minute no obligation phone conversation to hear your situation and decide whether I am best placed to help.  Get in touch.  What have you got to lose? All sessions last approximately 50 minutes

Academic Mentoring

50 minutes – £65

I’m an experienced teacher and I understand the school system well. If you need help getting organised, getting motivated or getting to grips with revision, get in touch.

Coaching for Young People

  50 minutes – £65

Coaching is a way of talking through your aims so you can achieve your potential.  It’s a learning process and you need to be willing to work with me to think though how you’ve done things before and what you’d like to change.  This might be about work, relationships, friendships etc.

Counselling for Young People

For older children, teens and younger adults  – 50 minutes £65

Relationships problems, stress, worry and anxiety, loss and bereavement, academic work concerns, time management, loneliness, leaving home for uni, managing at uni, ADHD, conflict and anger management, identity issues.

We can explore any of these (and anything else) in our confidential sessions.