For school leaders & teachers

Empowering and supporting staff 

CoachEd offers coaching for teachers and school leaders, individually or in small groups – online or in your school.

I have been training teachers in leadership and professionally coaching teachers and senior leaders in schools for 20 years.  I have a wealth of experience helping staff to make positive change to their professional practice and set boundaries to achieve a better work life balance. 

I also provide Professional Supervision (Reflective Practice), mental health coaching and counselling so that teachers can get on with the job.

Coaching for Leadership

Real-world leadership coaching designed for real-world educators

What is it about managing other people that is so hard?  It’s not normally the actual job itself that’s frustrating but getting other people to do theirs!  I have been training and coaching teachers, middle and senior leaders for twenty years.  I provide small group seminars and 1:1 education leadership coaching.

I cover the bits that aren’t in the NPQs, aren’t easily learnt, or require a psychological shift.

For example:

  • Why do I avoid having difficult conversations?
  • Why do I find it so hard to hold others to account?’
  • Why am I reluctant to delegate?
  • How can I get more out of meetings?
  • How do I have a coaching conversation with a colleague?’
  • How can I motivate my team more effectively?
  • How can I get better at working with conflict?

I had limited skills in leading and managing other people. Through 1:1 coaching sessions, Katie supported me to discuss situations openly with her while guiding me towards solution-focussed decisions.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Katie.

Head of Faculty/SLT Birmingham

How it works

I provide face-to-face or online coaching, for individuals or groups.

I help you to meet your unique staff development goals.

I can provide online group seminars throughout an academic year, interspersed with individual leadership coaching sessions for each participant.

Do you want to develop highly talented staff?  Improve retention and show staff their value by providing a series of 1:1 coaching sessions.

Do you have staff in difficulty?  Let me help you support a teacher struggling with professional or personal difficulties to empower them to be more effective; delegation, professional standards, time management.

Teachers are increasingly fast-tracked into positions of leadership, but they need help making the transition quickly and effectively.  I have coached many teachers,  empowering them to step up quickly and go on to be highly successful leaders.

For leadership coaching delivered by someone who really understands what working in schools is like, give me a call on 07863 0231894 or email me to find out more.


The Leadership coaching and support with Katie has been so insightful in helping me understand myself and (and my ADHD diagnosis) while offering practical strategies and solutions for managing my leadership role and aiming for a greater work life balance as a wife and mother. I quite frankly could not have done this without Katie!

Head of School, N.E London

Coaching & Therapy for Staff Wellbeing

Show you really do care 

Many schools already support their staff by offering professional or mental health coaching or counselling as part of their staff welfare package.

Schools are unique work environments; they have a pace of their own and demand energy and focus.  When teachers and support staff face difficulties in their home life, feelings of stress and anxiety have the potential to overwhelm.

As an experienced coach with additional qualifications in counselling and relationship therapy,  I have seen the positive, transformational impact of confidential, non-judgmental listening.  My knowledge of the education sector and my independence from the school, enables staff to talk freely.  I know how schools work, so you don’t waste time helping me understand your unique context.

You can talk through what’s making life difficult and together we can work out how things could change for the better.  I draw on my experiences in SLT, as a school advisor, a coach, trainer and therapist.  

How it works

Wellbeing Coaching and Therapy sessions can be organised by schools, or teachers can engage me privately.  Contact me directly or through school HR and we meet online at a convenient time.  Staff can share professional and personal difficulties in confidence and without judgment or criticism.  Sometimes one session is enough, sometimes a series of sessions is needed.  Most schools fully fund the sessions and some offer my services to staff at a subsidised rate.

If you’d like to offer Wellbeing Coaching and Therapy to your staff, please call me on 07863 0231894 or email me to find out more.


“Talking to Katie at CoachEd has been invaluable!  She is able to listen thoughtfully, validate your experience and come up with helpful ways to manage.  Katie brings a wealth of experience to the table, but in a very down to earth manner”

Head of MFL, Herts

‘Coming back from maternity leave was so much harder than I thought it would be. My Headteacher suggested some sessions with Katie and she helped me to make the mental and practical changes I needed to be a good mum and a competent colleague. Without this support, I think I would have resigned.’

Head of Maths, London

Professional Supervision for teachers and school leaders with pastoral and safeguarding responsibilities…

Supervision – Reflective Practice

Reduce the risk of staff absence through stress or burnout.

You don’t need me to tell you that your staff are the Fourth Emergency Service.

Pupils bring you their troubles and you use all your skills and connections to try to make things better.  But when time is short, need is great and expectations are high, this can take its toll.   Teachers and pastoral support staff are hard-wired to soldier on and do their best.  And if asked, they’ll probably say they’re ‘fine’.  But how do you know?

Increasingly, complex safeguarding matters and serious mental health issues are being managed by school staff.  They are doing an extraordinary job caring and advising young people, who are often very troubled.  But schools don’t run the same way as a mental health service.  There is little time for case discussion to decide on the best approach.  Important boundaries get blurred.  Teachers are doing their very best to care for young people as well as teach them.  But it is taking its toll.  Staff need and deserve more professional support to manage. 

How it works

I offer confidential 1:1 sessions, known as ‘reflective practice’, for staff who have a pastoral caseload.

As a teacher, coach and therapist who continues to work in schools and in CAMHS,  I am in a unique position, having the experience and training needed to support teachers with pastoral responsibilities.

Show you understand and you care.

Reduce the risk of staff absence through stress or burnout.   Call me on 07863 0231894 or email me to find out more.

“In honesty, I didn’t think Reflective Practice (RP) was necessary and saw it as another thing I had to fit in.  But it was so helpful to have someone to bounce off, I really look forward to my RP sessions now and when things are hard, I know there’ll be time for me to try to unpack my response and reflect on how I handled things.’

Head of Year, Herts

“If I had been able to have these (Reflective Practice) sessions at the start of the year, I would have been able to set clearer boundaries and realise sooner that I was getting too involved.”

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, in a London academy.

Fees for Schools

I aim to provide fairly priced, effective support for education staff.  I meet staff on Zoom or MS Teams but please get in touch to discuss on-site work as this is also possible.

All sessions last approximately 50 minutes.

Reflective Practice

Confidential support for teachers and school leaders who have pastoral responsibilities.  
£75 per session

Group Reflective Practice

Group reflective practice session for 2-4 teachers from the same school or MAT.
£120 per session

Reduced Prices

When 5 or more staff are signed up from the same school or MAT for 4 or more sessions for any service.
Each session £65

Support & Resources

Websites for teachers and education support staff

Education Support (an Aussie website with some good resources)

Mentally Healthy Schools (supporting staff wellbeing)