Coaching and therapeutic services

Enabling schools and families to thrive

We live in complicated times and a great deal is expected from schools and parents to raise resilient, well adjusted young people. 

CoachEd provides professional coaching and wellbeing support and supervision for teachers and school support staff.  We offer Reflective Practice sessions for teachers with pastoral responsibilities to protect their mental health.

CoachEd also offers parent or family coaching sessions, as well as counselling, coaching and mentoring for young people.  It’s hard for parents to find advice and support parenting teens, but you’ve come to the right place.

I have spent thirty years working with teachers, parents and teenagers.  My aim is to support schools and families in raising confident, resilient young people.

Who we help


Leadership development , coaching and mentoring for middle and senior level staff.  Wellbeing Sessions (coaching and counselling) for staff difficulties at work or home (loss, bereavement, family problems, financial worries, work stress, time management)  Reduce teacher burnout and stress-related absence.  Reflective Practice for staff with high or complex pastoral caseload.  Help senior staff share their concerns, reflect on their practice and lighten the load in confidence.


Find out how to strengthen your relationship with your children, learn to set boundaries and restore your parental confidence.  Get support working with your child’s school to improve relationships.  Talk to someone in confidence to help you manage challenging behaviours. Learn how to improve the way you communicate with your neuro-divergent child (before or after a formal diagnosis).  Support for families waiting for a CAMHS appointment. 

Young people

Sessions for young people in-person through school and privately online. A range of coaching and mentoring support is available from preparing for transition (into Year 7, GCSEs) motivation, time management).  Low mood, friendship and relationship difficulties, anger and conflict, family breakdown, bereavement, worries about school and achievement.  School attendance, bullying, self-harm.

MFL Curriculum Leader, Herts.

‘Talking to Katie this year has been invaluable.  She listened thoughtfully, validated my experience and came up with helpful ways to manage.  Katie brings a wealth of experience to the table, but in a very down to earth manner – she hasn’t forgotten what it is like to need support and guidance.’

Assistant Headteacher, Enfield.

‘Working with Katie is one of the best decisions I have ever made. She helped me gain perspective and inspired me to believe in myself when I had so much self-doubt.  She challenged my limiting beliefs and provided me with the guidance and clarity which has enabled me to thrive in my new SLT role.’

Curriculum Leader, Birmingham

“My coaching sessions helped me focus on what is important and motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.  I am much more confident in my role.”

Head of Year 11 in a London secondary school.

“I found it helpful to have someone to speak to about pupils who self-harm as I wasn’t sure I was saying the right thing.  I appreciated the resources Katie gave me and I am now much better informed and more confident.”